Artistic Casting Workshop S-Cast

Website for the company, which thanks to a combination of technologies and professionalism creates truly unique products.
  • Customer
  • Company S-Cast
  • Scope of activity
  • Artistic molding, production of souvenirs
  • Work done
  • Design, Website creation, Photographing, Writing texts, SEO
  • Wecsite
  • About project
  • This project was very pleased with our team, as we had to delve into a new industry for us - artistic casting, electroplating and etching. In order to check the quality of our products by our own experience, we ordered the production of our own badge. The result was very impressive, and we ourselves became regular customers.
  • The task
  • Our team was tasked to create a site for the Workshop of artistic casting S-Cast. The aim of the project is to show the unique possibilities of technological production, as well as to highlight the quality of finished products. The site should be designed with modern technologies in mind, and also have a memorable and easy-to-use design.
Special tasks
One of the tasks was the correct display of the site on different devices. The task is executed successfully.
It was very nice to collaborate with the guys from HaltenTech! We got exactly what we wanted. Especially I want to note the flexibility, because when it was necessary to change something, they did quickly and painlessly!